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Slugs in the Garden

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Slugs are among the most easily recognized pests and if you have slugs in your garden, you are probably familiar with the damage they cause to your plants. You may notice their slimy trail they leave behind or the shredded leaves of your plant. Slugs are nocturnal, so you don’t generally see them. They will emerge or hatch in the …

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Vegetable Leaf Spots and Molds

In Leaf Spot by Thussadmin

With the rain and warm temperatures we’ve beening having, your vegetables are likely growing really well and look great! However, if you have started to notice any spots or molds on your plants, here is a bit of info that can help you. Leaf spot is a very common disease of tomatoes and can affect other plants such as potatoes …

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Deadheading Perennials

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Deadheading/Trimming Perennials Removing spent blooms will help keep your perennials tidy and promote more flowers. Deadheading and promoting new blooms will also provide more pollen and nectar for the pollinators in your gardens. The plants get a refreshed appearance and the amount of seed it drops is lessened with deadheading. This will direct the plants energy into root development and …