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Of all the flowering shrubs this has always been a show stopper! They are long living shrubs that bloom most of the summer and well into fall. With so many new varieties and colours to choose from you’re certain to find one that is right for you!


  • Most hydrangeas thrive in rich and moist soils. They love water! Adding compost will enrich the soil.
  • They prefer sun with some shade – however, many will grow and bloom in partial shade.
  • They can be planted in the spring or fall.


  • For the first year or two after planting and during any drought, be sure hydrangeas get plenty of water. Leaves will wilt if the soil is too dry and flowers will not form.
  • It is best to feed/fertilize the plants once a year in early spring.
  • In the fall, cover the base of the plants with bark mulch, leaves, or straw for winter protection.


Why Is My Hydrangea Not Blooming?

  • The most common reason for no blooms is over pruning or pruning at the wrong time of the year. If your Hydrangea is not blooming, you may have pruned the flower buds.  It is best to read the individual labels of each hydrangea shrub to know when or if pruning is needed. Each hydrangea will differ. Some of the newer varieties grow flower heads on new and old growth.  In general, it is better to prune away the dead branches in late fall or early spring, and to keep in mind to not prune to ‘shape’ the shrub, but merely to cut away the oldest stems.
  • The hydrangea can bloom on what’s called “new wood” or “old wood.” Old wood refers to the stems that have been on the plant since the summer before. New wood refers to the stems that have just developed on the plants during the current season.
  • Another common cause of poor blooms is an early spring cold snap. As many varieties bloom on old wood, a late frost can damage the flower buds.


Changing the Color of a Hydrangea

  • It is possible to change the flowers’ colors but this is not an instant change. Color correction can take weeks or longer. It is easier to change blue flowers to pink than to change pink flowers to blue. Wait until the plant is at least 1-2 years old before trying to change its colour.
  • To get blue flowers, you need to lower the pH, which you can do by adding sulfur (aluminum sulphate) or peat moss to the soil.
  • To get pink to light red flowers, you can increase the pH by adding ground limestone around the base of the plant.
  • Note that hard water can affect the flower colour, turning blue flowers more pinkish so try and use rainwater to water your hydrangeas.

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