Onion Sets

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 Our  onion  sets  have  arrived!

Onions are such a versatile vegetable! They are used in so many recipes, and growing your own means you’ll always have them on hand. They are easy to grow from baby onions, which are called sets.

Onions need a sunny, sheltered site with well-drained soil. Before planting you can add some compost to enrich the soil.

Plant the onion sets mid April about 2-4 inches apart in rows that are 10-12 inches apart. Push the sets into soft, well-worked soil so that the tip is just showing. Birds may be a problem so covering the tips with netting until the roots are established can help.

Onions can be harvested when the foliage starts to turn yellow and folds over. For sets planted in the spring this will happen in late summer to early fall.

Take the bulbs out of the ground before the foliage completely dies down, and place them out in the sun for about one week to ripen. When the foliage is finally dry and papery, the onions can be stored in a light, cool, dry place until needed in your favourite recipes.