OSC Seeds

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OSC offers a variety of seeds for gardeners that are beginners or have years of experience! Many types of seeds can be started indoors when the weather and ground are still too cold for outdoor planting.

OSC Seeds is a proud Canadian company offering over 125 years of growing service. They offer a wide variety of vegetables, flowers, bi-annuals and herbs that are suitable for growing in Canada’s various climates.

OSC’s goal (as well as our goal here at Thuss Greenhouses) is to provide Canadian gardeners with the best quality seeds available at competitive pricing.

Planting seeds indoors will help to get a jump start on the growing season. Each packet of seeds that you purchase will have instructions on it letting you know when the best time is to plant them, and whether they should be started indoors or directly planted outside when the ground warms up. Some seeds need light to germinate while others will benefit from a light covering of dirt.

Most seeds will germinate at room temperature, but there are a few that require a warmer temperature in order for germination to happen. Once the seeds have germinated and start growing, they will enjoy and thrive from a west or south facing window where there is more light. Once the seedlings have produced their second set of leaves, they are then able to be transplanted into a larger container which will enable them to grow stronger roots for outdoor planting.

Follow directions on the original seed packet for temperature, water and lighting needs and to know when it is safe for the seedling to be transplanted outdoors.

Happy Planting!!