Small Space Gardening

In Small Spaces by Thussadmin

If you only have just three feet or less of a ground area to work with for planting space, you can choose to focus on plants that perhaps grow taller than wider or have more of a mounding effect. There are many upright or mounding annual plants and perennials or shrubs that will fit this description, as do some climbing vines. By planting something that won’t outgrow the space, you will save time and effort trying to keeping them in control.

Clematis vines are long blooming, have abundant flowers in various shades of white, pink and purple, and are easy to care for. They need a full 6+ hours of sun to bloom to their fullest.

Red Hot Poker plants bloom early, mid and late summer! They love at least 4-6 hours of sun and will produce beautiful flowers to cut and display.

Black Eyed Susan vine – in our zonal area this plant is an annual and comes in a variety of colors. Orange, yellow or pink. They are an award winning continual bloomer throughout the flowering season! You can plant these in the ground or keep them in a container. They are also heat tolerant plants that need little maintenance besides watering. Fertilizing once a month will ensure they keep producing flowers until frost.

Lemon Coral Sedum is another stunning annual that will brighten up any spot in your garden. It is a mounding plant grown for foliage that loves the sun and requires no deadheading. Bright green in color it can be used as a filler, edging plant or a container plant.

Boxwood shrubs are not only deer resistant but they are easy to grow with little maintenance. They can be grown in sun to part sun and require a bit of fertilizer in the spring. Mid-summer or early fall pruning is optional.

These are just a few plants that can be used in small spaces to bring them alive with color!