Wave Petunias

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Wave: The original spreading petunia grows low & wide with a height of 4-6 inches and a 3-4 foot spread

Shock Wave:  this is a well branched, mounded plant with a height of 7-10 inches and flower heads around 1.5 to 2-inch flowers, spreading 2-3 feet wide. The Shockwave has smaller flowers than the rest of the waves.

Easy Wave: Grows more mounded with a 6-12 inch height and a 2-3 foot spread.

Tidal Wave: Grows hedge-like so it’s tall & lanky.  Tidal wave has a growth habit based on how the plants are spaced in the garden. The closer the spacing, the taller the plants and the fuller they look. Their height can reach 16 inches inches and have a spread of 4 feet.

Wave petunias come in a variety of colours. White, purple, denim, pink and coral. Any or all of these combined make an eye catching container, hanging basket or flower garden.

Wave petunias like at least 6 hours of sun per day.
All day sun is ideal for in-ground gardens, white hanging baskets and containers prefer some late afternoon shade.
Water your plants to keep them from drying out, and doing so in the early morning is best.

Fertilize your plants every 2 weeks or use the slow release fertilizer to maintain constant and vibrant blooms.