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Preparing for Spring!

In Spring Prepby Thussadmin

Clear the clutter: Throughout the fall and winter, your garden can be exposed to the elements and a collection of broken branches, leaves and leftover weeds can cover the flower beds. Your spring bulbs and plants should be popping out of the ground any day now, so the sooner you clean out the beds, the less chance you have of …

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In Perennialsby Thussadmin

Perennial flowers are well worth the investment as they come back year after year and many are low maintenance, easy care plants. Many perennials will attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Some perennials will spread while growing, and most perennials can be divided in late winter or early spring so you can start off with a small garden and expand it over the …

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In Plants, Shrubsby Thussadmin

A good time to plant shrubs is in the fall or early spring, so the shrub has time to acclimate before the harsh weather of winter or summer. Most shrub roots spread widely rather than deeply, so digging a hole wider than the roots of the shrub you’re planting is more beneficial, keeping in mind to not deep any deeper than …

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Sun, Shade or Something in Between

In Plants, Sun and Shadeby Thussadmin

One of the most basic questions on gardening is whether you are looking for a sun plant or a shade plant, or maybe something in between. This simple idea can be difficult to define if you don’t understand what constitutes full sun, full shade, and partial sun/shade. If you’re looking at a plant tag and it tells you your plant …

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In Herbs, Plantsby Thussadmin

Growing herbs is a simple way to add edible plants to your garden. Most herbs are very versatile, and grow well in the ground or in containers. They also mix nicely with either perennial or annual flowers in your garden. A few square feet allotted to growing herbs outside the kitchen window or along the patio can also serve the needs …

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In Plants, Rosesby Thussadmin

Rose Types Hybrid Tea are large single or double flowers usually on straight long stems that are good for cutting. Floribunda blooms range from single to double produced in clusters, maintaining a long blooming period. Grandiflora are the largest blooming and showiest type with flowers produced in clusters. Climbers maybe be single double headed. The main shoots should be trained …

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In Hydrangeasby Thussadmin

Of all the flowering shrubs this has always been a show stopper! They are long living shrubs that bloom most of the summer and well into fall. With so many new varieties and colours to choose from you’re certain to find one that is right for you! PLANTING Most hydrangeas thrive in rich and moist soils. They love water! Adding …

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Easter Lilies

In Easter, Plantsby Thussadmin

    In spring, Easter lilies fill our homes with bright blooms and fragrant aromas. While the flowers seem to quickly come and go, there are some guidelines that may extend the life of your lily, as well as a few easy steps to follow if you choose to plant it outdoors. Leave the plant indoors until the last frost, …