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Fun Gardening Facts

In Fun Facts by Thussadmin

There’s a lot more to our gardens and beloved plants than we realise. Some amazing secrets are hidden in our gardens. Here are some super interesting facts that you maybe didn’t know … A sunflower is not just one flower. The sunflower is a huge flower, but the head or fuzzy brown center actually contains 1,000–2,000 individual flowers. Each of …

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Seed Potatoes

In Seed Potatoes by Thussadmin

Seed Potatoes are one of the easiest vegetables to grow. Even though they are referred to as seed potatoes you are actually planting a piece of a potato, because they are not true to seed. They are cool weather crops, so planting in soil that is still cool is totally acceptable! They prefer a cooler temperature in the soil, rather …

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Onion Sets

In Onion Sets by Thussadmin

 Our  onion  sets  have  arrived! Onions are such a versatile vegetable! They are used in so many recipes, and growing your own means you’ll always have them on hand. They are easy to grow from baby onions, which are called sets. Onions need a sunny, sheltered site with well-drained soil. Before planting you can add some compost to enrich the …

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In Pansies and Violas by Thussadmin

Pansies are hardy plants and will perform their best in cooler weather, even surviving a frost. They like rich, well drained soil and can handle sun or partial shade. Keeping the soil moist will help prevent the flowers from drooping. Try not to plant them too close together as overcrowding can increase the chance of them getting ‘leggy’ from stretching …