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Growing herbs is a simple way to add edible plants to your garden. Most herbs are very versatile, and grow well in the ground or in containers.¬†They also mix nicely with either perennial or annual flowers in your garden. A few square feet given to growing herbs outside the back door or along the patio can also serve the needs …

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Clematis will bloom best in full sun. Some varieties, such as ‘Nelly Moser’, can bloom in part shade, but the amount of flowering will be reduced. Clematis like their roots to be cool, so wrapping them or planting something in front of their base will help shade their roots from the hot sun. This is a perennial vine and will …

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Seed Geraniums

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Are geraniums easy to grow from seed? Geraniums are relatively easy to grow from seeds. However, they are slow growers which should be sown in early to mid-February to produce the flowering plants you want for spring. Flowering occurs approximately 13 to 15 weeks after sowing. Here at Thuss Greenhouses, seed geraniums are one of the very first seeds sown …